Wednesday, February 8, 2012


To all the Bello's of the KAZA Bella's,
We've been good. We've sat through Super Bowl Sunday, didn't complain about your friends stinky feet on the coffee table or the tortilla chips found in between the sofa cushions the next day. We even consoled you when your team lost. Did you see that look in our eye? Yeah...we practiced that too. Why, you ask?

Because now it's our turn.

HaPpY vAlEnTiNeS dAy

Not that we are scary when it comes to this's just strongly advised you get things right. Remember that handbag in the window downtown, we pointed at during Midnight Merriment? Let's just hope you do. Mwahahahaha!

Ok, I'm even scaring myself!!

I to things that will make your sun shine a bit brighter, your food taste a bit better & your world...just a little bit safer.

I offer you...da-da-da-daaaaaa!!!The KAZA Valentine List (gasp! awww! omg!)

Metalsmith Artisan, Kitty Stoykovich Jewelry!
Handmade. Local. Gorgeous.

re.pur.posed Jewelry
Recycled. Lightweight. Local. Bohemian. Fabulous.

Sand & Paper LLC. Stone Keychains and Pendents
Local beach stones, polished to perfection are showcased as gorgeous pendents/keychains. 20$ each!

Forever Boards cutting/cheese boards
Rather than left in a landmind for your great, great, great grandchildren to deal with, Forever Boards are remnant corian that will last several lifetimes--repurposed into gorgeous cutting boards (does not hold bacteria--you can cut meat on here!!) / cheese display is a fabulous, stylish & GREEN investment!

Turkish bathrobes:
Only a few left of these heavy luxurious bathrobes! These will make her feel like a princess!

Sharon Cloud Chocolat Truffles & local raw honey!
European-Style. Decadent. Locally made by the fabulous Sharon Cloud.

Rings & Hair Pins by Dizzy Cupcakes!
Locally made with buttons from the late 1800'-Vintage 60's

Massage Oil from Durance (Made In France)
Scent: Sensualite. (Ahem....just sayin')
$8,50 (8.4 fl oz bottle)

Vintage sparkly jewelry!
Brooches, necklaces, earrings....L.O.V.E them!

KAZA's own "Map To My Heart" for your Valentine Tablescape!
How romantic would she think you were if you scattered these on the table? Adorable little map hearts are a bag of 12/2$!

Black Walnut Cutting Board/Cheese tray (another KAZA product!)
A little Stilton from Butters on top of this tray, with a bottle of Gabbiano Chianti and she will be transported to Florence, Italy (bring some grapes!)

If all else fails, get her a KAZA Gift Certificate!

Oh yeah...tell her about the new KAZA windows! She will think how observant you are for checking on her favourite shop!

Window 1

Window II

So thas'all, Bello's...take a deep breath. You will do fine for Valentine's 2012!

You're welcome, poopsies!

Ciao, Bello's!