Friday, April 20, 2012

Santa Maria!

 A KAZA Window Change!
(and I'm loving it!)

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There is something about Religious Icons, in decor, that I am falling in love with these days. The rich colours, the details...but I will get into that more on KAZA's Design blog, KAZA LOVES DESIGN!

We're here to talk about the new KAZA windows and explain a bit what's going on in there and why!

 This is seriously one of my favourite windows in a long time. From the old lace wedding train backdrop to the old chippy praying hands, to the insanely gorgeous print of Saint Mary (watermarks and all), to the Gustavian freshly upholstered chair, to the Sharon Cloud pillows, to the creamy spool of bailing rope to the unbelievably gorgeous embroidered antique runner to the ginormous old green glass wine bottle---this just makes me feel like sitting in that chair with a cup of tea and think.


"Think?!"--yeah, think...about all the upcoming things are in store for KAZA, the direction we are going in--things that make me a happy chicken! Knowing the steps we are taking, behind-the-scenes at KAZA is crazy...and wacky and a leap of faith and I am so excited to talk about this new journey with y'all very soon! Because this journey is with YOU! Because of YOU! So stay tuned! xox :o)

Now for the window prices!

Vintage Gustavian Chair: 95$
Antique Gothic Maple Table: 300$
Old Chippy praying hands: 45$
Sharon Cloud & KAZA Pillows: 20$-65$
Ginormous Wine Bottle: 165$
Embroidered Runner 35$

*Props not for sale...yet:
St Mary Print, Spool of baling rope, Bouquet of flowers, Wedding train.
But they may be available at the upcoming Marche Aux Puce!

So that's all, Bella's and Bello's!

Check out KAZA LOVES DESIGN for more on the design trend of Religious Icons and KAZA's take on it (in short, we LURVE it!) xox

Ciao, Bella's!