Thursday, August 9, 2012

Buongiorno Bella's and Bello's!

I am hoping all is well with y'all and that everyone is enjoying their summer! I wanted to share a few Artistic/Decor/Architectural finds that I've learned about and/or have seen in my travels since the Marche Aux Puce in June. Before I go any further, I want to get a little personal and thank you for your sweet messages and prayers regarding my father. It means so much. It's been a difficult summer for him. Several operations and another one coming up. A big one. His morale is...good. We would definitely appreciate your continued thoughts & prayers--the next few weeks are hugely heavy. Love you guys xox

Ok, so what did my eyeballs see, you ask? What amazing, fascinating things did I see that would cause me to post about it?? Ohhh...Bella's! I cannot wait to share with you, what these green olives with black pimentos (my eyes-lol) have seen!

First, NYC. Besides the gourmet food trucks (that will be another post, later kiddos), I visited a place...a tiny toe of a place, that sells keys, called Greenwich Locksmiths. Please forgive me for not knowing more about this it. I know there is some info online, but I am in a location where there is no internet access (but the cheese is squeaky and all is forgivable with squeaky cheese-lol). It is on the way to SOHO and is worth taking a quick visit to check it out in person.

This tiny place is covered with welded keys in such stunning abstract design. It gets my creative juicies flowing and got me calling around for "dead" keys. Apparently, "dead" keys are recycled in NH & Mass into "undead" keys. Whatever...blah blah...I'll find something else. What a great back wall that would have made though, eh?

Isn't it amazing?!

All keys....incredible!!

Even a chair!!

Wasn't that fun? :o)

On a KAZA note: Butter's & KAZA are in the process of working together on something groovy when I get back to "normal life" (end of August/early September). Stay tuned! :o)

Next Post:  Amazing street art in La-La-Land!

Ciao bella's!