Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Goodies!!

More locally made designs coming in daily! PS: KAZA Soiree de Noel Thursday, 6 December 4-7pm 20% off for those 3 hours only! Fabulous pieces & prezzies coming in for that night! Ciao Bella's! xoxoxox

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

KAZA Goodies!

Look at whats new at KAZA!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello sweet Bella's and Bello's!!
I wanted to make the announcement official that we ARE in fact OPEN for business in our new holiday pop-up shop located at....the same address! We kept the space. I think it was the pizza next door that we just could not bear to go anywhere else. And....we kind of like it there. It's home.

What is all this "popup" about, you ask? Well, as y'all know, we are and have been working on our own product line. And y'all know we are coming out with a catalogue. So, the popup is where we are checking what is really popular and what is "meh". So YOU will be the deciders of what will be in shops nationwide! See how important y'all are? (all Made in USA, btw)

Now the shop is open for the holidays (about 6 weeks total) and then we will start working on distributing our wholesale catalogue. Exciting stuff, huh?

It's been wacky and wonderful and a ton of work, but that's what wine is for, right? ;o)

Facebook followers were first to know when we opened, but as faithful KAZA blog subscribers, you will have a little advantage over the Facebook followers- I will be posting pictures of what comes in to the shop, to give you a heads up (as many of these items are in VERY limited quantity!).

AND the KAZA Soiree De Noel will be on Thursday, 6 December from 4-7pm.
**20% off storewide that night only!!

Excited to see you all!

Ciao Bella's