Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Please Pass The Saltines...

I am a soup girl, so lets sit with our virtual soups and have a chat. :o)

Last night, I went to the Concord KAZA space to say goodbye. As the name KAZA was being peeled off the windows, I walked the freshly washed floors remembering our first day and the wonderful memories that space has held. I remembered how scared I was when the very first person walked through the KAZA door.... all the Art Shows, the years of monthly window changes, the traveling to find funky finds...but the thing that will stand out above and beyond are the friendships I've made in you. As a design student, KAZA was a huge leap of design faith for me. You've taught me to trust my design instincts and follow my dreams.

Through the years, I realized Product Design & Development was what I actually wanted to do with KAZA. We were hoping that we could maintain both, the wholesale side and the brick and mortar--but for personal reasons, it just wasn't making sense anymore. I could not devote what needed to be done at the shop, while working on the wholesale side. But I so loved that space and it is really hard to say goodbye to it. I am excited to see what takes its place--its an exciting time for Concord!

As for KAZA, we are very excited about our new direction. I absolutely will miss smelling Vinnie's Pizza every day, seeing your adorable faces, getting some awesome hugs, great conversation... but I'm designing again, something I wasn't really doing at the shop anymore, and that makes me happy.  We are in the process of finalizing the wholesale catalogue, getting our website designed full speed ahead, will be selling on our Facebook page and will be seen in several shops nationwide...that is until KAZA takes over the world (which is on the business plan). ;)

As far as future popups? There is a strong "maybe" on that as we are working on soft furnishings right now!

Keep your eyes open for upcoming information on our new product lines, where you can find them and a little of this and that in between.

Much love, appreciation, gratitude and more love again...
"you have taken  me from crayons to perfume"
To Concord, with love.

Ciao sweet bella's